Remember: The science of memory and the art of forgetting by Lisa Genova, 2021

Remember is such an enjoyable read. Author Lisa Genova has a PhD in Neuroscience and has previously written several novels including Still Alice, which became the award-winning film. This is Genova’s first non-fiction book and her experience in writing for a general audience in a warm and accessible manner is clear to see.

The book is divided into three parts. Firstly, “How we remember” which for me was a trip down memory lane to my undergraduate psychology classes. For everyone without a psychology degree, it is an introduction to how memories are made and in which bits of the brain. The second part, “Why we forget” explores the flaws in our memory which lead to forgetting, a very normal part of human day to day lives. This part also includes a useful summary of Alzheimer’s Dementia, what is happening in the brain and the impact on the individual’s behaviour. The final part describes ways to improve your memory starting today and includes a useful summary of strategies for preventing Alzheimer’s Dementia.

If you are interested in learning about memory or have concerns that you or a loved one is at risk for dementia, I thoroughly recommend this book. Remember concludes by outlining the paradox of memory: Our memories are amazing and help us do all sorts of things. By their very nature, our memories are also flawed. And, if we happen to develop dementia, we are more than the sum of our memories.

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